Gents 4BBB Prize Winners

1st: P Dooley / M Wright - 44pts (CB) £300 / pair
2nd: M Walker / G Hudson - 44pts £160 / pair
3rd: T Fothergill / J Keen - 43pts (CB) £120 / pair
4th: J Kingston / S Wright - 43pts (CB) £100 / pair
5th: J Fisher / B Fisher 43pts (CB) £80 / pair
6th: L Willson / J Kilcline - 43pts (CB) £60 / pair

Two's: S Moffat; R Johnson; M Walker: S Volpe; J Kingston; B Waring; T J Wilson; M Roche x 2 (not entered); A Adamson; R Foster; S Harrison; M Winter
£12.90 each

All prizes to be redeemed through the Seaton Carew GC Pro Shop.

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