3D Hole Flyovers

1st - Rocket

Beware out-of-bounds all along the right and remember that the approach shot always looks longer than it is.

2nd - Long Trail

Make sure you don't play to the 3rd green by mistake and allow for the fairway sloping from left to right on your tee shot.

3rd - Pond

Although out-of-bounds and deep rough are always lurking, the better line in is from the right of the fairway.

4th - Bents

A fairly straightforward Par 5 with out-of-bounds all along the right of the fairway.

5th - Road

It's a long carry to cut the corner and three bunkers are lying in wait for anything missing the fairway. The green slopes from back to front.

6th - Jimmy Kay

Once you've threaded your way between the fairway bunkers there are plenty more surrounding the small green.

7th - Tees

This is the only semi-blind tee shot and your approach is played to the smallest green on the course, so club selection is vital.

8th - Lagoon

A true risk-reward hole where the best line to the green is from the right of the fairway bunkers. The raised green can also be tough to find.

9th - Crocodile

A short Par 4 with most of the trouble lurking down the right.

10th - Mashie

Don't miss left on the tricky short hole or you could be left with a tough shot to the green.

11th - Sand Hills

The off-set tee makes finding the fairway a little more difficult and the green is well protected.

12th - Gare

Aim for the right side of the fairway because everything tends to kick to the left and the fairway narrows considerably at around 260 yards.

13th - Chapel Open

The wind will probably be the deciding factor when considering how much of the corner to cut off.

14th - Beach

Whilst there is a bail-out to the right of the fairway it leaves a much tougher line to the upturned saucer of a green.

15th - Cosy Corner

If the prevailing Westerly wind is blowing here you'll definitely need to take an extra club.

16th - Dog Leg

Once you've avoided the fairway bunkers make sure you've got enough club to reach the back of the longest green on the course.

17th - Snag

On the signature hole the drive should favour the right-hand side to give a better line to a raised, two-tier, pear-shaped green.

18th - Bill Hector

Although there are no bunkers, the approach shot often stops short or kicks sideways on the mounds in front of the green.